How to bet horses

Learning how to bet horses isn’t difficult. If you’re new to the game, you should learn about the different types of horse racing wagers that are available. Visit our Racebook page entitled “Wager Types” for a quick overview of the types of bets we offer. makes it easy to place your bets online. Once you have logged in and entered our Racebook, select the track, then the race. You will see each horse entered in that race listed in numerical order according to program (saddlecloth) number. Scratched horses will be identified as such, and the system won’t allow a bet to be placed on a horse listed as a scratch. Then you select the type of wager you wish to make.

Next, select the horse (or horses) you wish to bet on, and finally, the amount you wish to risk. Press the button that says “Continue” and the “Wager Confirmation” page will appear with a summary of your wager, and the total risk of your wager. Once you have reviewed your wager and are satisfied it is correct, you’ll click the “Confirm” button to place your wager. If you do not want to place this wager or would like to make changes, simply click the “Go Back” button.

Just a reminder—allow yourself enough time to place your wagers before the race goes off. Just like at the racetrack, it’s no fun when the race goes off before you’ve had a chance to make your play.