General Horse Rules

Welcome to the Horse Rules section. For more information about betting, please also review our general Betting Rules section.

  1. LowVig accepts wagers on Thoroughbred and Harness races from major and minor tracks in the United States, Canada and the Rest of the World.
  2. LowVig reserves the right to accept or not accept any tracks at management’s discretion.
  3. LowVig offers up-to-post time wagering. In other words all horse wagers can be made until the horses leave the gate. If for any reason the race does not close due to a technical difficulty and you are able to bet after the horses have left the gate, your bet will be voided and your funds returned to your account, win or lose.
  4. Minimum Horse wager is $1 online and $1 (per horse bet) via the call center as long as the phone call amounts to at least $25.
  5. The player is solely responsible for determining both horse and race numbers at the time of selection. Horses are identified by the number on their saddlecloth. Horses are not identified by name.
  6. LowVig does not offer Parlays or If-bets on horse races.
  7. LowVig will do their best to grade all races within 10 minutes of official post time. In the event that more time may be required, LowVig will not be held liable for any alleged losses which may result from delays in our grading process.
  8. LowVig offers full track odds for all Thoroughbred and Harness races available up to max payouts per race – see track limits table.
  9. The Management of LowVig reserves the right to limit, restrict, or deny any player from wagering on any track at any time.
  10. Any Customer under suspicion of Pool Manipulation will have their account closed with immediate effect.
  1. LowVig offers up to 7% in daily rebates.
  2. The following wager types are NOT eligible for rebates:
    • All wagers that pay $2.20 or less for $2.00
    • Tracks in categories D & E
    • Matchup bets
    • Fixed odds bets
    • Propositional bets
  3. Internet wagers will receive a 7% daily rebate. Telephone wagers will receive a 4% daily rebate. The only exceptions to this rule are that both online and phone wagers on NYRA tracks will receive a 4% rebate.
  4. There is no limit to how much a player may earn as well as no minimum volume of wagers that need to be placed.
  5. LowVig reserves the right to discontinue or cancel rebates at their discretion.
  6. No rebates will be awarded on cancelled wagers or wagers that have been refunded due to a scratch.
Coupled Horses

When placing a wager on coupled Horses, your wager will include all horses that are represented by that same saddle number. If part of the entry is scratched and another part of the entry runs then all wagers are deemed as having action, unless the track deems it a non-betting entry. There is no "must go" action as part of your wager. When one of the entry horses runs, all bets and bet types have action, unless the entry is a late gate scratch – then both horses are considered scratched.


All Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Quinella, Win, Place and Show bets will be refunded in the event that a horse is scratched. The portion of combos that include said horse will be refunded as well.

Scratches involving multiple race wagers (pick 3s, 4s and 6s) are subject to the host tracks official rules. A horse scratching does not refund these ticket parts automatically. If a horse is a late scratch then consolations are not paid.

Daily Double Wagers

If the runner selected in the first leg of the Daily Double is a scratch, tickets will be refunded automatically.

Consolations are not paid.

Please contact Account Management for a refund in the event that an entry is not calculated correctly.

Multiple Horse and Race Payout Rules

If a winning payout combination is selected by a LowVig player and the same winning combination is not covered at the host track, LowVig will pay 100% of the track pool, less the percentage take out by the host track, up to the MAX payout listed on our track limit table. If the percentage take out of the host track is not available, LowVig will deduct 25% of the pool. If a customer has multiple winning tickets on said wager, the payout will be divided accordingly.